oh, god

oh, god

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At the wedding of Luna: the first series was all reserved for someone, but no one was sitting there. After the ceremony, Harry approached her and asked, “Who is sitting at thislocation?" To which Polumna replied: “Who? Of course, my mother, your parents, next toSirius and Remus them, because they were best friends with your father! Of course Tonks, Fred Weasley, and Mad-Eye Moody. And sitting there with Professor Dumbledore, Snape. I hope they liked the wedding “she smiled and waved to the place where seemingly no one was sitting 

Part 1, enjoy (haha)

So, the first part just has not turned This is bad, yes. So where should be the necessary items was drawn by the cursor.
Go on a complete guide, it seems, such a network yet. Oops, I’ll be the first?
To be honest, the answer to the questions hats anyhow” so that my dear classmates claws, do not be surprised I’m still yours =))).
How to brew potions will be another guide (already on my account). For a penny I Slytherin Points earn is not going to, sorry.
When is the second book coming out? I hope it's soon. I can't wait.

I too am waiting =) Everyone is waiting  and I think that it will be pretty soon. I hope so.